The company is engaged in the development, manufacture and im-plementation of facilities for decentralized automation technologies that combine biological and physico-chemical treatment processes and waste water disposal.

The technology of separate treatment and utilization of various compositions of domestic wastewater. Solid fractions through a separator comes into composter. Liquid flow in bioreactor with the function of the fuel cell or on device for physical-chemical treatment and constructed wetland, coupled with the oxidation ditch, which is used for storage of purified water and its deep purification.

Process of optimization and control of water composition is regulated by automation system based on the analytical signals of composition and temperature sensors at different stages of waste processing. Water treatment facilities are placed in insulated room - heat accumulator (underground or ground with solid walls). This technology is for any users of water at a rate of up to 15 cubic meters per day, requiring autonomous sewer with adjustable quality of treatment and utilization runoff: natural and legal persons the public sector, and small and medium business (social objects, recreation facilities, the group property developers, HoReCa, car wash, etc.)


Articles on the topic:
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Zhukov Boris, General Director








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